How to Ctrl Alt Del on a Mac

How to Ctrl+Alt+Del on a Mac? The ctrl+alt+del key combination is used on a windows machine whenever you get stuck. The combination of ctrl, alt and delete key opens the […]

obs software requirements

Basic Requirements For OBS

OBS is the most popular open source live video streaming software and everybody wants to install it on their computer/laptop but there is a minimum requirement to install this software. […]

xsplit vs obs

The Battle Over Xsplit Vs OBS

Anybody who does live streaming is familiar with these two names Xsplit and OBS, and at the same time also confused about which one to choose from these two. Xsplit […]

iphone vs android meme

iphone vs Android Meme

At Answerslave, we not only provide answers to your technical questions but also strive to provide the best tech memes. The best part of these memes is that Answer slave […]

How To Use Paytm

How To Use Paytm

How To Use Paytm Paytm is the most widely used money transaction app in India. Besides sending and receiving money, Paytm let you do a number of things like: Paying […]

How To Use OBS

How To Use OBS For Streaming

How To Use OBS is a common question among those, who want to live stream videos. So First Lets Know What OBS is. OBS stands for Open Broadcasting Software, its […]