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Google Clips Launched – Wireless Mini Camera With Artificial Intelligence

Google Clips – Bookings now open, Delivery By March 2018.

Google has recently launched a new device – Google Clips: This mini wireless camera with artificial intelligence connects to your phone and automatically record live moments and shoot photos.

This Tiny and smart camera is now available to order in the United States, and the delivery is expected to be by March 2018.

Google is offering free delivery in the entire US.

This tiny camera was announced by Google 3 months earlier, During the launch of Pixel 2 and Pixel XL.

The new Google clips cost $ 249. The main features of Google Clips are:

  1. Artificial Intelligence: This mini camera uses artificial intelligence to record videos and capture photos, This camera shoots pictures and record clips automatically – by detecting faces, smiles, or merely well-framed scenes.
  2. Capture Button: This Device also has a capture button which lets you shoot photos whenever necessary.
  3. 16Gb internal storage: Google clips have internal storage of 16gb. Hence it does not require internet connectivity to record videos or capture photos.
  4. Wireless Connectivity: In addition to wire connectivity, wireless connectivity makes the device more easily usable. It has a built-in feature to get it connected to your mobile device over wifi to offload the photos and clips.

Google Clips Specification

Dimension : l= 2.0 in , W= 2.0 in, H=  0.8 in.

Weight: 61g with clip & 42g without clip

Camera: 1.55μm pixels, Low Lux/Night Mode: Auto, 130-degree field of view.

Wireless Connectivity: Wi-Fi Direct, Bluetooth LE

Port: USB – C

Battery: Up to 3 hours of smart capture.

To Buy, You can always visit Google official store but remember to change the country to the United States and also to log out if your account is from any other country. You can find it over her Buy Google Clips

Here is a short video add of the all-new Google Clips

Google Clips is a revolutionary camera, we already have a digital camera with lens and screen, Google Clips will have the lens but no screen but you are getting something better, and that is Artificial Intelligence.

This combination of artificial intelligence and camera will change the way of photography; This camera will automatically record videos of your best moments and you can view them on your phone.

It also recognizes the person who stays with you more and shoots videos when you are with them.


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