live stream any video to facebook page

How To Live Stream Any Video To Facebook Page

Live Stream Any Video To Facebook Page For Free

Now, You can live stream any video to a Facebook page for free, Videos have been the most popular method for sharing any information or promoting any business on the social media and live video is considered best thing since sliced bread.

Live video bring more engagement including more viewers as well as content but at the same time making real live videos are very difficult as you may make mistakes during your live session but by making your recorded videos live you will get the benefit of both the worlds

In case you wish to live stream to other Social media networks, Follow this guide: How To Use Obs to stream live videos to any social media like Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, and others.

In case you don’t want to use OBS, you can also use Xsplit, read Xsplit vs OBS.

Let’s continue with our guide to live stream any (pre-recorded/downloaded) videos to facebook

This guide will help you to live stream any video to the facebook page.

Requirements :

I Hope you already have a facebook account and a video if you are reading this post, now we will start with the third requirement that is Open Broadcaster Software, You can download OBS from the link provided above and can move towards the first step. You will come to know about stream key in these steps.

Step 1: Download Open Broadcaster Software (OBS)

Download and install the Open Broadcaster Software (OBS), and keep it open.

Step 2: Open Facebook Video Library And Copy Stream Key

live stream any video to facebook page

  • Open Your Facebook page.
  • Click On Publishing Tools
  • Open  Video Library
  • Click On the Live Button
  • Copy The Stream Key And Keep The Window Open

live stream any video to facebook page

Step 3: Open OBS (Open Broadcaster Software) And Paste The Stream Key


  • Open OBS (Open Broadcaster Software)
  • Open Setting 
  • Click on Stream and then select Facebook Live in the drop down menu under Services
  • paste the stream key in the stream key field and
  • Click on the OK Button below

Step 4: Configuring OBS

  • Click on the + icon and select VLC video source
  • Now, Create a Playlist, give a name to the playlist and click OK
  • Now on the next screen, select “Always play even when not visible”. invisibility behavior.
  • Click on OK to add this video to your streaming list.
  • Mute the Mic/Aux.
  • Click on Start Streaming.

Step 5: Go Live

  • Now go back to the Facebook video and click go live.
  • To close live streaming, you must manually end the live stream
  • If you have followed all steps as mentioned, you will see a screen like this:
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