iphone vs android meme

iphone vs Android Meme

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Though iPhone vs android meme is our first series of memes, we have published only five new memes and promise to publish more soon.

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iPhone Fingerprint Meme

Since decades memes made on the limitation of iPhone, but this time we have something new in this field, This latest meme describes users feeling when he sees an Android user using a fingerprint to unlock the phone and he can’t

iphone vs android meme

Samsung Pay Meme

Though Apple Pay has already been launched in some countries. It has not entirely spread across the globe like Samsung pay, and there are many countries where we don’t see a trace of Apple pay, so this meme describe the feeling of an iPhone user when he sees a Samsung user making payment with Samsung Pay.

iphone vs android meme

Airdrop Meme

People always made fun of Apple sharing incapability but only a few knew about its Airdrop feature which transfers files between mac and ios devices and lighting fast speed.

iphone vs android meme

iPhone Attitude

This generally happens when a mobile phone users purchase his first iPhone

iphone vs android meme

Infinity Display Meme

It is not even a year now when both Samsung and Apple launched infinity display phones at a price above $ 700, and now Samsung has launched infinity display phones at just 190$, so you can understand the feeling of those people who paid a considerable amount to show off the infinity display.

iphone vs android meme

Android Memes

When all your friends are using Android and you buy the first iPhone.

Android Memes

Android vs iPhone meme

This Lamborghini replica can be a good example of those who still show off their iPhone 3gs

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  1. Samsung phone unloking code …here are some hyperlinks to internet sites that we link to because we consider they may be worth visiting… plus mathematics tutorial

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  3. I can agree to some of these. The presentation of iPhone is no doubt very sleek and decent but they provide a very less number of features which are mostly outdated and Apple fans think they are new inventions lol.

  4. i was searching for iphone vs android meme on internet and i found this . This is the best collection

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