What Should You Know Before Choosing an iPhone Or Android

Buying a new phone, confused about the OS?

What should you buy, an iPhone or Android?

This decision mainly depends on your previous OS. If you were using an iPhone earlier then there is 90% chance that you will stick to iPhone only and if you were using an Android, you will more likely stick to android. A similar report published by investment bank Morgan Stanley shows 92 percent of iPhone users will continue with iOS.

Now, if you are here then it is known that you are confused about changing your current OS.

So Why?

Why should you change or not?

There is much reason and first of all your will is enough but if you are still confused and wish to know technical reasons for why you should go for an iPhone or an Android you should have a little knowledge about these two.

You can’t make the right decision until you know the unique features of these two operating systems, as said:

“A good decision is based on knowledge and not on numbers”- Plato.

Here are a few things you should know about both the Operating System. The top unique features of both iPhone and Android are listed below.

Apart from technical features, Going through Android memes would also be a good idea.

The Top 5 unique features of the iPhone and Android

Apple iPhone

  • 3D Touch: Apple has improved the 3D touch feature in iOS 12, Now with this 3D Touch feature you can hard press on camera for a Barcode Scanner and doing the same on notes let you scan a document.
  • Hearing Aid: Apple AirPods can now be transformed into hearing aid so if you are prescribed a hearing aid then choosing iPhone is must for you.
  • Face ID: The Apple iPhone now give you an advantage of using two Face id on the same phone. If your phone is also accessible by someone else, then it is a great feature.
  • Brand Value: No other brand in the world have as much brand value as an iPhone. iPhone equates to royalty and luxury.
  • Battery Power: The New iPhone has an express card with power reserve which means your iPhone retains enough battery life even when the phone powers off for digital transit cards and student ID cards to work still.

Beside all these features, The camera of iPhone Xs will also play a key role in your decision.

iPhone also has brilliant iCloud features in which you can approve you iPhone, to do that go to one of your other devices signed into iCloud to approve this iPhone.


  • Snooze Notification: We all have plenty of apps and gets plenty of notification every day, though few notifications are important and we might miss it when we are in a meeting, classroom or engaged in something more important. Android has now introduced snooze notification so that we can snooze the notification and can get it at a convenient time.
  • Auto-enabled Wifi: Android Oreo will now auto enable your Wi-fi when you are in a secured Wi-Fi zone, For example, your phone will connect to your home Wi-Fi as soon as you enter your home.
  • Picture-in-picture: This feature in android extends the split screen feature to using two application at the same time, This new feature allows users to pinch a video to a small size and do other tasks, For Example: Wring an email while watching a video on youtube red.
  • Fingerprint Scanner Gestures: Recently android has announced a cool new feature, and it is gesture on the fingerprint scanner, you can now use a various gesture on your fingerprint scanner, For Example: Scrolling a web page by swiping on the fingerprint scanner.
  • Smart Text Selection: Smart text selection is another vital features of Android which suggest apps to a user whenever a text is selected. If the user selects a phone number, the dial pad will open and similarly when a URL is selected, Google Chrome will be suggested automatically.

Go through all the points and choose your next phone wisely.

“We all make choices, but in the end our choices make us.” ― Ken Levine

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