Microsoft word has stopped working windows 10

Microsoft word has stopped working windows 10 [SOLVED]

Facing problem with Microsoft Word on Windows 10 or Microsoft word has stopped working windows 10, don’t worry.

This is a common problem and can be fixed easily.

1. Microsoft word was working well earlier and started troubling you recently then :

you have to check whether your Windows has updated automatically and if this is the case then you also need to update yMicrosoftsoft word.

2. Facing problem in new installation of Microsoft Word:

your version of Microsoft word might not be compatible with the version of Microsoft Word you have installed.

You have to search for a compatible version and reinstall Microsoft word on your PC.

3. Problem not solved by the above two methods, you should go for automatic repair

In your Windows 10, open the control panel and click program and features, Now select Microsoft office and click on Repair and then on Continue.

You can choose quick repair and Online repair, restart your computer as the repair finish.

4. Safe Mode

If you are still facing problem then an external problem or virus might be blocking Microsoft word from operating properly.

Boot your computer in safe mode and try opening Microsoft word in safe mode,

if the application operates fine in boot mode then your system might be attacked by a virus or any of the recently installed program may be blocking Microsoft word.

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