my iphone only charge when it is off

Iphone Only Charges When It Is Off [SOLVED]

iPhone Only Charges When It Is Off – This is quite a common question with slightly old iPhone, Even new and latest model of iPhone may get this problem but it is usually found in old iPhones.

There are multiple solutions to this problem based on the circumstances:

1.) Your iPhone has never been repaired or water-damaged: This solution will only work with this phones which have never been repaired outside Apple service center (Battery replacement is exceptional ) or has not been water damaged yet.

In this condition, you must check your charger and cable, First of all, try using an original apple charger and if you don’t have one try borrowing your friends to find out the problem.

some duplicate chargers may charge few models of iPhones whereas will fail to charge other models of iPhone mostly with updated software versions.

So you must check with the original charger and lightning cable.

Next, if you have an original apple charger and lightning cable then try checking the cable if its get loosed after plugging to your iPhone, sit there and watch closely what happen exactly.

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2.) You just repaired your iPhone and you are experiencing this problem: if you have just repaired your iPhone especially when it was for a charging problem outside the authorized apple care then,

my iphone only charge when it is off

you must run back to the repair shop as he has replaced your charging pin with a cheap charging pin which is causing this problem and ask him to use a better charging pin even you have to pay more for that.

3.) You are experiencing this problem after a minor software update on iPhone: Few people experience this problem after a minor software update.

These updates are sometimes made by the users manually but most of the times its an automatic update which the user doesn’t recognize.

my iphone only charge when it is off

In this case, also you have to check for an original charger and lightning cable. or have to roll back to an old version but that may also not work in some cases.

Apple frequently updates its software to make sure that users use original apple accessories with their iPhone.

4.) Experiencing this problem after water damage: People generally experience this problem after water damage,

Keep your iPhone in raw rice bag for a day and see if the problem is solved otherwise go to the repair shop, the most common solution, in this case, would be a charging pin replacement.

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Note: In most of the cases you can consider replacement of the charging pin but only after going through all the solutions above.



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