where does OBS recording go

Where do OBS recordings go?

OBS is a software for live streaming videos on social media, however, it provides additional features like recording your live video.

Yes, OBS does provide a feature of recording live videos but does not automatically, you have to make some changes in the settings if you want your live video to be recorded.

before you can record on OBS there are some streaming pc requirements for obs.

Where does obs save recordings?

OBS recording is generally saved in the folder where OBS is installed on your system, You can see and change the location by opening settings in OBS and then going to Broadcast Setting.

Under the broadcast setting, you will see File Path, next to it is the location of your recording you can view and also change the location.

If you don’t find your live recordings this way then you may have not enabled recordings.

How to record with OBS?

how to record with OBS


if the recording option is not enabled in your OBS, don’t worry

you can easily change it under the settings tab.

Go to Broadcast settings and just above the file path click on the checkbox before Save to file

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