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Should We Really Buy Facebook Likes – Full Report

Buy Facebook Likes, Is a word which is buzzing all around the internet these days. Whether it be Social Media Groups, Ad pop-ups on websites and blog, We see this word everywhere.

Facebook is a social networking platform and also the best platform to advert your business.

Facebook gives the opportunity to create a fan page for your business and spread your offers and advertisements through it.

The most interesting part of Facebook Page is that its free, You can create a page for free and also publish posts on it without any charges.

But there are two problems and these are :

  1. To Get More Likes On Facebook Page (Without Paying) and
  2. Reaching all the audience on your page.

To Solve the First Problem People opt towards buying likes, generally, if you don’t have Likes/ Followers on your fan page you won’t be able to connect with peoples.

But meanwhile, they forget their original purpose which was to reach more people and not only to get more likes on the fan page. Although getting likes is the basic requirement, but it always does not goes the way you want it to be.

How To Buy Facebook Likes

There are two ways to Buy Facebook Likes :

  1. Through Facebook Promotion
  2. Through Unauthorized ways

Buying facebook likes through Facebook promotion is easy you can simply create a campaign and create a post and unauthorized ways are also common, you can get plenty of offers on various facebook groups and also on the internet, so we won’t discuss that over here.

Benefits Of Buying Facebook Page Likes (Unauthorized Ways)

The Benefits of Buying Facebook Likes are :

  1. The only Benefit of Buying Facebook likes through unauthorized ways is you increase your page likes/followers. (You only get page likes and not page reach )
  2. It sounds cheaper than the actual Facebook promotion campaign. (but appear to be a deal of loss in long run )

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Demerits Of Buying Facebook Page  Likes (Unauthorized Ways)

Though there are many demerits of buying facebook likes through unauthorized ways :

  1. You don’t get the audience you wanted, Those audiences have no interest in your company/product.
  2. You don’t know the demographics of these audiences, Your company may be in Australia and you may have purchased likes from African countries. (Mainly the paid likes have audience from Africa and the Middle East)
  3. Your post reach decreases, you publish anything whether it be any offer or any significant achievement of your company, these paid page likes audience have no interest and will not comment or like your post which will result in shrinkage of your post reach.

Benefits Of Buying Facebook Page Likes Through Official Facebook Promotion.

We don’t suggest for paid promotion but if you have no option left and want to build your audience fast you can opt to form a promotion campaign,

There are different steps in Facebook promotion which may double charge always go through the best and cost-effective ways of facebook promotion campaign.

Here are the benefits :

  1. You get the real audience who are actually interested in your Company/product
  2. Page owner decide the audience from the demographic you want
  3. Whiles setting the campaign you can choose the gender of the audience
  4. You also get to choose the age of audience in the campaign.
  5. These audiences which you have made through Facebook promotion interact and share your post which results in more audience.
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