Top 10 New Revolutionary Products 2018

Top 10 New Revolutionary Products 2019

Top 10 New Revolutionary Products 2018: Last year was great for technology, we have experienced many new things right from the beginning. We have seen technology changing right from our hands to our societies, 2017 was the year when witnessed the full-screen phone for the first time, Face ID to unlock iPhone, and also when the first time a robot got citizenship, I,e Sophia in Dubai.

But 2018 is going to be more interesting as we will see artificial intelligence taking space inside our home, TV that rolls up and down, Robots as pets, smart underwear and many more.

Here Are The Top 10 New Revolutionary Products 2018, Which Will Change The Way You Live

Products With Artificial Intelligence

1.  Google Clips: This new camera with artificial intelligence captures images and record videos on its own by sensing your happy moments. Google Clips is a revolutionary next generation camera.

2. Robot Pet: Sony will again launch Aibo puppy robot, it was back in may 11,1999 when the world witnessed the first robodog, Sony will again launch its robodog Sony AIBO. The new Sony AIBO robodog is pack with many new Artificial Intelligence features.



3. Roll-up TV:  A revolution is coming for televisions, and this will be the next Roll-On televisions. This Television can roll up like a newspaper. LG Display made a 162- centimeter-long (64-inch) model which was at  CES 2018.

4. 8k Television: In 2018 we will experience a better picture quality with 8k television, This will be just double of what we have now, the 8k tv will have more realistic displays than 4k TVs.

Samsung will also be among one of the companies which will launch an 8k television this year. This 8k television model is q9s and it uses Artificial intelligence to bring the lower quality video automatically to 8k.

Digital Clothings

5. Smart Underclothing: Skiin launched underclothing for men and women. These products can measure a person’s heart rate, temperature, breathing, body fat, water intake, the number of steps walked and the number of hours slept. Other then Skiin,

Spartan announced anti-radiation underwear which says it blocks 99 percent radiation from electronic devices. Spartan Underwear is the first of its kind.

Connected To Your Smartphone

6. Smart Shower: In 2018 we will experience better bathing with smart shower, these showers will be controlled by our mobile devices and voice to control the flow of water, its temperature and can also play (and sing along with) music.

7. Connected Refrigerator: Samsung will soon launch connected refrigerator, these refrigerators can connect to our smartphones. They will sense the food inside the fridge and will send an alert if there is a shortage of your four favorite fruit or dairy products.

8. UV Monitor: Loreal will soon introduce UV monitor, you can put these UV monitors at your fingertips and can record the ultraviolet rays exposure. The sensor links up with mobile devices to provide warnings about too much sun.


9. Self Driving Vehicles: Toyota will soon launch its driverless vehicles, The self-driving vehicle is designed to move both people and things. Toyota says it plans to provide the block-shaped electric cars to other companies, including Uber, Pizza Hut, and Amazon. This new technology will provide great help to logistic industry and e-commerce industry, This will make your online shopping experience or online food ordering experience better by providing faster and prompt service.

10. Self Driving Travel Bags: These self-driving travel bags will follow their master automatically in the airport. These smart suitcase uses cameras and AI to avoid crashes. The device can message the owner if it gets too far away or when the battery power gets low. These self-driving travel bags will be ordinary in 2018.

Top 10 New Revolutionary Products 2018 will be common by the end of 2018, Among these Google Clips, Spartan Underwear & Sony AIBO have already been launched now.

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