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The Battle Over Xsplit Vs OBS

Anybody who does live streaming is familiar with these two names Xsplit and OBS, and at the same time also confused about which one to choose from these two. Xsplit vs obs is hard to decide.

These software does not only let you live stream video but also let you stream any (Pre-recorded/Downloaded) videos as Live on Facebook.

It is tough to decide on choosing one over another when the competition is so tough.

People who are new to video streaming may find both the software similar, but as you go deeper, you will come to know about the differences one after another in both the software.

Here is a point to point description of the merit and demerits of both the software:

1.) Price

You will be pleased to know that OBS is free with all its features as it’s an open-source platform and Xsplit is not.

It does not automatically signify that  OBS is the most excellent tool for streamers or that it’s the very best software available for streaming.

obs vs xsplit

Xsplit charges around 8$ a month, but it does not mean that it’s not worth and we should choose OBS just for the price.

Any person who is a professional Live streamer will not care about the 8$ a month as long as it is worth spending.

But if we see from the cost perspective OBS wins here.

2.) User-Friendly

Now as we buy or download software, the first thing that strikes in our mind is that how much convenient is it to use for us.

One software may be very advanced with lots of features, but nobody wants to do a course or hire someone (until its a company) mainly to use it.

Besides all features, a user-friendly interface is very important.

So when we compared OBS and Xsplit, we found that Xsplit has a more user-friendly interface, anyways if you want to learn using OBS, here is the guide: How To Use OBS

XSplit wins here in providing a more user-friendly interface

3.) Performance

The primary purpose of Xsplit and OBS is to stream video with better quality when we compare streaming quality,

Both OBS and Xsplit were able to stream videos with 720p at 30fps. OBS generating noticeably better quality.

OBS was also able to stream  60fps at 1152×658 where XSplit fails to do so.

Hence on the scale of performance OBS wins.

4.) Plugins

xsplit vs obs

All of us wish to install additional plugins on our software as per our convenience and in this case,

OBS provides us with a large number of custom plugins whereas Xsplit lacks in this field.

OBS wins in providing a wide range of plugins.

5.) Additional Features

If you are a serious professional and you want every bit of your live stream to be damn perfect, then you will need many other features like

  • scene transitions,
  • screen preview editor,
  • thumbnails preview,
  • Skype screen sharing, and
  • quick screen capture

And in terms of providing these additional features, Xsplit wins. Though OBS provide sufficient features, it lacks behind Xsplit regarding a few other advanced features.

 xsplit vs obs – To make you understand better we have listed the major differences in the chart below:

Xsplit  OBS
Automated/ Easy To Use  Complex / Non -User-Friendly
Drag Drop Feature  No Drag Drop Feature In Graphic
Flaws In Sharing Feature When Updates Are Released  Sharing Feature Works Perfectly Fine
Can Run Even On Windows XP and later Version  Runs On Mac/Linux/ Windows (Not Supported In Windows XP and Earlier Version (Read Full requirement for OBS)
Nothing Interesting About Plugins  Separate Library For Plugins 
Streams Only up to 30fps Streams Up to 60 fps at 1152×658
No support articles on the internet Support Articles are available all over the internet
Excellent Customer Support No Customer Support
Skype Integration Can’t Use Skype 
Uses 65 % Of C.P.U Utilize Only 10% OF C.P.U
Xsplit Views  OBS Views
Paid  Free


We have compared each and every point clearly including price, usability, performance, plugins and additional features.

Now you have a clear idea of about what to choose even before installing the software on your PC.

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  1. you have explained xsplit vs obs very well but it would have been better if you would have also included wirecast

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